Fuuko Ibuki (starfishlovesu) wrote,
Fuuko Ibuki

★3rd Star☆ [Video/Action]

[The video opens to show Fuuko scribbling away at a piece of paper on the table of her apartment. Stopping for a moment to admire what she has drawn... Then switching to a coloured crayon and continuing.]

Now Kotomi-san is here that means Fuuko should add another one. One for Daisy-san too.

[She seems to be talking to herself as she draws and colours in a little more. A minute or so later, Fuuko holds up her work for the journals to see. Seems as though she was working on a 'Get Well Soon' card. Moving the card away from the journal, Fuuko starts speaking in a very hushed tone.]

Fuuko made this to give Nagisa-san. If you know Nagisa-san and want her to get better even sooner then Fuuko insists you sign this card! Even if you don't know her you should sign it anyway! Fuuko can probably draw some starfish on the back... Fuuko is being quiet so not to disturb Nagisa-san!

[She stands up and leaves the card on a table, moving into her room for a moment to fetch a scarf, mittens and other warm clothing before returning.]

Fuuko will be waiting by the fountain in the plaza if you want to come and write Nagisa-san a message... And don't forget about the Starfish Festival!! Fuuko intends to make it one of the best festivals this place has ever seen!

Fuuko is going out for a moment Nagisa-san!! [Picking up the card and the journal, leaving it open as she makes her way over to the plaza.]


[Like she said, Fuuko will be standing out by the fountain with the card in her hands. She's also brought along a bunch of coloured crayons for people to write in the card with if they would like to.]

(Interpret my Fuuko's terrible drawings of dangos how you like. A few them could look like anyone, so feel free to take them however you want to.)
Tags: [action], [video], festival plz, get well soon, nagisa nooo, needs more starfish, too many dangos
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